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World Punjabi Congress is a cultural non-profit organization which was established in 1986 in Lahore with the purpose of promoting the Punjabi language and culture for the attainment of peace and tolerance. The WPC has till date organized more than 25 international conferences in Pakistan, India, UK, Austria, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, France and other countries.

Message from the Chairman


WPC was established in 1984 in Lahore, with the purpose of promoting Punjabi language, culture in Pakistan and all over the world. Till now WPC has organized 24 international conferences to popularize Punjabi movement globally. This campaign is continuing and will continue till Punjabi language achieves rightful place especially in Pakistan’s Punjab. I feel now that much of the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the young Punjabis who are equipped with knowledge, dynamism and energy to bring it at par with the major languages of the world. The cultural and literary heritage of this great language and the contemporary writings bear eloquent testimony to the fact that this thousand years old language has the innate capacity to be a popular language everywhere.

When I was Chairman of Pakistan Academy of Letters, we translated the selected poetry of 14 Sufi poets of Pakistan into eight languages of the world i.e. 6 UN languages, Urdu and Persian. These translations give a tremendous impetus to incomparable literature of tolerance and love all over the world. These books are available in the central libraries of respective countries and are enjoying a great deal of popularity. I firmly believe that contemporary Punjabi writings have to be translated in English and should be uploaded on the internet. Similarly the use of social media for the projection of Punjabi language, literature and culture is of utmost importance. These are the goals and objectives that our new generation committed to Punjabi should keep in view.

WPC has organized the above mentioned international conferences by personal donations or funds raising campaigns. But unfortunately, Punjabis in our Punjab particularly are close-fisted in generously donating for the noble cause. I therefore appeal through this message to the resourceful Punjabis especially in Canada and North America to come forward for the cause of Punjabi language and culture and contribute to the maximum so that our movement does not sag. WPC has many ambitious projects like establishment of first ever Punjabi University in Lahore and hold big international conferences in Pakistan and at all other places where Punjabis abound.

I assure the Punjabis of the world that our struggle will continue, come what may with your blessings and support.

Fakhar Zaman

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